Watch how seeds grow into vegetables in these fascinating time lapses

It’s shameful but I think it’s true for most of us city dwelling non-farmers: almost all of our experience with fruits and vegetables come from the grocery store. We’re completely clueless on how things grow and what they look like in the farm. Here’s a few quick time lapses that show how radishes and broccoli and… »5/29/15 12:31pm5/29/15 12:31pm

Amazing Aerial Photos of Greenhouses Blanketing the Spanish Landscape

The area in southern Spain known as mar del plástico is a landscape dominated by vast stretches of greenhouse farms. From the ground, it looks like nothing but roads winding through a maze of covered crops. But when seen from the air in photographer Bernhard Lang's images, things look a bit more surreal. »2/03/15 4:50pm2/03/15 4:50pm

Speedos, Computers, and Robot Butlers: Rural Living in the Future

Nothing sells the push-button leisure society of tomorrow better than a farmer with ample time to lounge. Or in this case, a rancher in a speedo, getting served a refreshing drink by a robot. Sure things may be difficult now, but when even farmers have plenty of leisure time and the majority of their work is… »8/27/13 10:45am8/27/13 10:45am

These Vivid Magenta Ponds Are the World's Largest Beta-Carotene Farm

Beta-Carotene, as far as I’ve known since I slogged through 8th grade Biology, is a pigment that gives sweet potatoes and carrots their color. But since it's used as a food dye and plenty of doctors recommend it as a supplement, it’s also the basis for a booming synthetic farming business—one we rarely see, since… »6/04/13 9:50am6/04/13 9:50am