Don't Worry Palm, Everything's Going To Be OK

If two new paid fart apps in one day isn't a sign of a maturing App Catalog, I don't know what is. Rest easy, Rubinstein. For once. [Palm] » 11/25/09 10:14am 11/25/09 10:14am

The App Store Is Just Like the Civil Rights Movement, and Other Lessons…

The Daily Show tells the harrowing tale of iFart vs Pull My Finger, showing us the faces behind the farts. It's predictable stuff until about 3:00, when Pull My Finger guy compares himself to Jackie Robinson. Then, it's pure art. » 7/22/09 12:50pm 7/22/09 12:50pm

31 Fart Apps In 90 Seconds

I'm not one for fart humor, but TUAW's 31 Fart Apps In 90 Seconds made me laugh more than once, partially because the apps are so zany, partially because I'm mentally about 8-years-old, apparently. [TUAW] » 2/10/09 7:00pm 2/10/09 7:00pm