Times Square Attacked By Fart Machine

Fart machines have struck again! Juvenile? Yes...but you can't help but laugh. Everyone seems to agree that the best reaction comes about 42 seconds in. [Digg] » 1/08/10 2:50pm 1/08/10 2:50pm

Tina Fey's Fart Machine Becoming a Reality...Only With Gaseous Microbes

If you watch 30 Rock religiously, you might have seen one or two references to an out-of-control fart machine. Well, Tina Fey's dream is kind of, sort of becoming a reality. » 4/23/09 8:40pm 4/23/09 8:40pm

Kid Uses Fart Machine In City Council Meeting, Government Grinds to a…

If you thought your local government couldn't get anything done, find out what happens when some kid introduces a digital bill of farts. » 3/09/09 1:00pm 3/09/09 1:00pm