Gay Jeans Reveal Rainbow Threads With Every Wash And Wear

You may think you know a pair of pants when you buy 'em, but denim's true character isn't revealed until your trou are well-loved, worn-in, and sudsed up a few times. Rather than just fade out like most pairs on the market—booooring—Betabrand's new Gay Jeans (yup) have a technicolor surprise hiding underneath the… » 4/16/14 7:48pm Wednesday 7:48pm

Do These Powerlaces Match My Hoverboard?

Hadley Freeman over at The Guardian has declared that Back to the Future is this season's big fashion trend. Which makes complete sense, right? It's almost the year 2015—the very year that Marty visits in the BTTF sequel—so bring on those Nike powerlaces and hoverboard-friendly sneakers! Or not. » 3/13/14 5:02pm 3/13/14 5:02pm

Clever New Clothes To Protect You From Germs On The Subway

The news that measles might be spreading through San Francisco's BART network not only triggered a warning from the transit authority itself, it is also a particularly alarming reminder that public transportation can be, well, disgusting. Winter's runny noses, summer's sweat, spring's sneezing allergies—it doesn't… » 2/14/14 9:40am 2/14/14 9:40am

How a Simple Fabric Pattern Uplifted a Post-War Finland

In the years after World War II, most of Europe was devastated, both physically and financially. From this drab reality, one country began producing bright, technicolor textiles, including a print which bolstered its economy, created national pride, and ended up becoming one of the most beloved and recognizable… » 2/10/14 5:40pm 2/10/14 5:40pm

Your Tight Pants Almost Ruined Paper Money

For over a century, every last bit of paper money that's circulated around the United States has come from just one single supplier, Crane & Co. But as The Washington Post found out, that century of loyalty was almost for naught when the 90s came along and brought with it a new menace to American currency; Crane had to… » 12/16/13 5:20pm 12/16/13 5:20pm

Jackets Dreamt Up By William Gibson Are Gaining a Real-Life Following

The Buzz Rickson's MA-1 is a piece of William Gibson lore. This flight jacket is worn by the heroine of Gibson's Pattern Recognition, Cayce Pollard, whose preternatural sense of authenticity and phobia of certain brands leads her to the MA-1, a "purely functional and iconic garment." One small detail that escaped many… » 11/12/13 5:44pm 11/12/13 5:44pm

A Handy Purse That Hides a Secret Phone Charger

» 11/11/13 5:00pm 11/11/13 5:00pm

Is there anything worse than leaving the house only to realize your iPhone is way low on juice and might crap out before you have a chance to charge? Yes! Of course, there are a million worse things, don’t be ridiculous. But we’re nothing if not dependent on our handheld devices. Mighty Purse is a clever clutch that… » 11/11/13 5:00pm 11/11/13 5:00pm

Future Fashion From the 1939 World's Fair Looked Really Uncomfortable

The Atlantic just published a gorgeous collection of images from the 1939 New York World's Fair, including the photo above, which is brand new to this retro-future bloggist. It all looks pretty standard — except for the outfits. » 11/01/13 7:00pm 11/01/13 7:00pm

The Lindy Lid: A Forgotten Fashion Craze From The Golden Age of Flight

In the summer of 1927 a new fashion craze swept the nation. Called the "Lucky Lindy Lid," it was a ladies' felt hat that came in a variety of sizes and colors. Adorned with a small propellor on the front and two miniature wings darting out on each side, it may have looked a bit ridiculous, but it celebrated an important… » 10/22/13 3:04pm 10/22/13 3:04pm

Would You Wear These Lego-Inspired Fashions?

Lego is taking the fashion world by storm! Nowhere is this more apparent than this season's new must-have accessory, the £5,000 Chanel Lego Clutch, clearly made for the obnoxiously rich. Personally, Lego-inspired fashion seems a tad avant-garde and incredibly kitsch. But, beauty is in the eye of the brick-holder. » 9/13/13 9:46am 9/13/13 9:46am

A Behind the Scenes Look at the Craziest Jeans Company in the World

Naked and Famous Denim is the Willy Wonka of the fashion world. Seriously, the Canadian jeans shop puts out glow in the dark jeans, thermochromic pants that change colors, raspberry scratch n' sniff denim and so much more crazy. » 9/03/13 9:02pm 9/03/13 9:02pm

Google Glass Has The Fashion Bug

We all know that Glass is kind of a big deal for Google right now. Or whatever. The #IfIHadGlass explorer program is going strong, and the product is attempting to prove its usefulness in a bunch of different markets. In fact it may be starting to feel overblown and even tiresome. But if Google is going to bank on this … » 8/25/13 12:27pm 8/25/13 12:27pm