Boiling Coca-Cola turns the soda into this gross black goopy tar

The delicious diabetes drink commonly known as soda is a true scientific wonder. We know it's crap but we love it anyway. CrazyRussianHacker wanted to show just how much crap (and sugar) is in one bottle of Coke so he boiled out all the water in the soda to see what was leftover. The refreshing soda becomes this… »6/03/14 10:45pm6/03/14 10:45pm

A single pound of human body fat looks horrifyingly vile

Don't worry, what you're looking at isn't exactly real but actually a full replica of fatty tissue in a human body. Not that it makes it any better because that's pretty much how fat looks like inside your body. Which, well, oh my god gross. I don't want a single ounce of this slimy goopy jiggle on my body anymore. »2/03/14 10:23pm2/03/14 10:23pm

How Much Weight You Gained From Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Postprandial weight gain is all a matter of timing. In the short term-I mean the very short term-any food and drink that you put into your body will make you exactly that much heavier. Eat a pound of marshmallows, and you'll have added one pound to your mass, at least until your body starts to excrete the food or use… »11/23/12 7:00am11/23/12 7:00am

Could An Ingredient In Spicy Foods Make Your Beer Belly Disappear?

There's evidence that adding more spiciness in your diet can help curb your appetite. Researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston are taking that idea to a whole different level—one that requires anesthesia. They've found that surgically manipulating the vagus nerve by applying capsaicin, the active… »5/09/12 4:37pm5/09/12 4:37pm