The Atomic Bomb's Golden Detonator

When the nuclear bomb was being developed, no detonator precise or reliable enough to set it off existed. So, researchers at Los Alamos National Labs built one that was and dubbed it the Exploding-Bridgewire Detonator. » 6/17/11 12:10pm 6/17/11 12:10pm

Fatman's Wi-Tube Valve Amplifier Streams Audio Wirelessly From The…

There's a new power couple in town—Fatman's Wi-Tube and FatDock. The Wi-Tube valve amplifier can stream music wirelessly from a docked iPod or by the multitude of outputs the FatDock also offers. » 2/17/10 10:45am 2/17/10 10:45am

Fatman's Mothership - The $9897 Tube Amp

Moving just slightly up from their iTube iPod dock, Fatman's just birthed this Mothership tube amp. The £5000 ($9897) amp has 200 watts per channel, vacuum tube preamps, and other crazy stuff that most of us will never need. Oh, and they recommend that you don't use the 128kbps music you download from iTunes as a… » 8/20/07 1:15pm 8/20/07 1:15pm

Fatman iTube iPod Dock

The Fatman iTube is a dock compatible with all iPod except the Shuffle. The iPod docking portion reminds me of a treadmill, which is kind of ironic because the company is called Fatman. The other dock section is a valve amplifier that can export your music and movies onto a television or speaker system easily with the… » 6/28/06 4:01pm 6/28/06 4:01pm