Creative Fatal1ty Keyboard: Same Shit, Different Name

Here is an shot of the Fatal1ty keyboard being manufactured by Creative with Jonathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel's logo plastered all across it. Keyboard look familiar? It should, it is damn near identical to the Auravision EluminX that we first told you about almost four years ago! What's up Fatal1ty? No new ideas for a… » 8/31/06 7:04pm 8/31/06 7:04pm

Fatal1ty Pro Laser Mouse Sucks, Looks Stupid

Who am I to say this looks stupid, I think the Logitech MX Revolution is a beautiful work of art. This mouse is being manufactured by Creative and it comes loaded up with an HD Laser engine that measures in CPI (counts per inch), rather than DPI. This was done to make it harder for the writers to use numbers to… » 8/31/06 10:31am 8/31/06 10:31am