Canadians Get Reinforced Ambulance for the Obese

Canadian Paramedics can breathe a sigh of relief, unbuckle their corset belts and cancel their chiropractor's appointments - if they work in Calgary, that is. The city has taken delivery of an ambulance designed to get its obese citizens to hospital with as little stress and strain as possible - provided they don't… » 6/26/07 8:20am 6/26/07 8:20am

Free Q Suction Cups Suck Out the Fat; Shock by Shock

Ok, so the picture on the box might lead you to believe this is some sort of pervy Japanese gadget, but take our word for it—it's not. Instead it's the creepiest. Basically Free Q is the "world's first wireless electrical nerve stimulator." Strap on those octopus-like suction cups throughout your body and relax as… » 1/10/07 7:18pm 1/10/07 7:18pm