This Scale Measures the Carbon Dioxide Levels In Your Room and Your…

Though it seems iterative, Withings new Smart Body Analyzer WS-50 adds additional features like heart rate and air quality monitoring. Your weight, body fat and pulse are then transmitted over Wi-Fi/Bluetooth to the Withings Health Mate app (iOS, Android). » 1/06/13 2:33pm 1/06/13 2:33pm

HP Turning Off the Lights on its DLPs?

It was a short lived marriage, but it appears HP is letting go of its DLP line of TVs. The company's road map for 2007 is rear projection-free and instead focuses on thinner LCD and plasma models. Even in the gadget world, fat ain't cool. So what can we expect from HP in 07? Lots of beautifully thin plasmas and LCDs.… » 1/03/07 10:08am 1/03/07 10:08am