Report: The Surface's Keyboard Cover Is Literally Coming Apart at the…

Above all else, it's probably the keyboard-come-cover of Microsoft's Surface that has garnered most attention since the tablet was first announced. Ironic, then, that some reports are cropping up that suggest it—quite literally—seems to be coming apart at the seams now it's seeing some action. » 11/09/12 8:39am 11/09/12 8:39am

Is Your Nexus 7's Screen Loose?

Google's new Nexus 7 is a great little tablet, but it may have bigger problems than being difficult to unpack: we're hearing reports that suggest many of the devices have a loose screen. » 7/19/12 5:30am 7/19/12 5:30am

Is Your New iPad Overheating?

If you got a new iPad last week, you may not have set foot outside your home all weekend. You may also, as some users are reporting, have experienced an overheating issue following that extensive use. » 3/19/12 5:57am 3/19/12 5:57am

This Coffee Table Is Supposed To Break in Half

Inspired by the geological feature of the same name, the San Andreas coffee table, designed by Ricardo Garza Marcos, breaks apart to reveal its storage space. Goes great with a LaBrea Tar Pit Fondue set! » 12/28/10 7:20pm 12/28/10 7:20pm