The Surpisingly Old Origins of the Fax Machine

Today, we mostly think of the fax machine as an outdated piece of technology. While there are still some uses for it in an office-setting, technological advances are sending the fax machines to the same pasture as pagers, land-line telephones, and disposable cameras. Even if this is the last we hear of the beeps and… » 11/20/14 8:00am 11/20/14 8:00am

Depression-Era Teachers Predicted Online Schools Would Look Like This

The DOD Can't Read Your FOIA Form Because Its Only Fax Machine Broke

Have you attempted to fax your way to full or partial disclosure of government documents under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) recently? Well too bad, suckers! Because the Office of the Secretary of Defense has a broken fax machine, and it ain't getting fixed anytime soon. » 9/16/13 6:20pm 9/16/13 6:20pm

WikiLeaks Supporters Have Begun DDoS Attacks Against Fax Machines

After focusing on the PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, and Amazon websites, the members of 4chan-affiliated group Anonymous have decided to pick a new target for an unorthodox DDoS attack: Fax machines belonging to corporations which they believe are against WikiLeaks' mission. » 12/13/10 11:40pm 12/13/10 11:40pm

Someone Should Patent a Fax Rotator So the USPTO Can Read Upside-Down…

Do you know what type of organization that would deny you a fax—by sending you back another fax—to tell you the first fax you sent was upside down? » 2/05/10 12:00am 2/05/10 12:00am

Epson Artisan 800 All-In-One Lightning Review

The Gadget: The Epson Artisan 800 All-In-One with Wi-Fi and fax. On paper, it has all the signs of being the best AIO ever made, especially for people who want versatility but care deeply about fine photographic prints. » 10/13/08 7:10pm 10/13/08 7:10pm

Epson Introduces $149 Stylus CX9400Fax All-In-One, the Speed Demon…

Today Epson rolled out its entry level line of printers with a few surprises: the $149 CX9400Fax, a super-valued all-in-one with a truly functional fax, a fast-as-hell $90 printer called the Stylus C120, and two more multifunctions (without fax), the $70 CX7400 and the $100 CX8400. » 8/14/07 12:01am 8/14/07 12:01am

Possio GRETA Combination Printer, Scanner, Fax and Cellphone

Possio used 3GSM to launch the GRETA GSM Fax & Printer. This all-in-one unit combines, you guessed it, a fax machine, printer, copier, scanner... and a cellphone? Well, you can make cellular calls with it, but it's not exactly the size of most cellphones. What Possio was smoking when they came up with that idea we'll… » 2/12/07 9:06am 2/12/07 9:06am

Canon Dolls Up Their First Designer Fax

For those poor souls who still rely on them, Canon is prepping the JX200, their first designer standalone fax machine that's been dolled up with smooth curves, glossy accents, and less junk in the trunk than your current fax box. It'll set you back $79 when it debuts later this quarter, though personally I kinda wish… » 1/18/07 12:31pm 1/18/07 12:31pm

Sharp BroadbandFax

This Sharp BroadbandFax isn't as cool as I thought it would be on first look. Sure, it plugs into your phone line and your ethernet cable to receiver faxes directly into email. And sure, you can use it to "fax" something to someone who doesn't have a landline or fax-machine by faxing directly to their email. But it… » 8/03/06 7:59pm 8/03/06 7:59pm

Sharp Releases Fax Machine That Records Calls

As a man who curses out fax machines with reckless abandon, I'm actually quite concerned about this new system from Sharp. These fax machines will record up to 45 seconds of any voice calls made to the machine for later perusal and/or for serving restraining orders. » 6/30/06 9:48am 6/30/06 9:48am