Portable NES Gets Light Gun, Remains Smaller Than the Cartridges It…

The oddly-proportioned portable NES called the FC Mobile is great because it plays actual NES cartridges. Now, with the addition of a light gun, TV-out, and external controllers, the FC Mobile II is even better. » 4/25/09 7:15pm 4/25/09 7:15pm

FC Mobile Portable NES, Because One Screen Was Once Enough

Since Nintendo's patent has dropped on the NES, we're finally seeing all of the Nintendo gear that we could only dream about as kids. The FC Mobile is such a product, bringing a Nintendo Entertainment System into your hands. Reading real cartridges, 8-bit glory can either shine on its 2.4" display or be outputted to a… » 4/28/08 11:10am 4/28/08 11:10am