Dumbphones Are Not the Answer to Smartphone Addiction

We look at the constantly rising numbers for smartphone adoption and just sort of assume that sooner or later, everyone's going to get on board with this thing. But there are some people, young people, who are sticking to dumbphones, and cutting ties with their smartphones. And it's kind of dumb. » 3/26/12 3:20pm 3/26/12 3:20pm

The Most Popular Phone in the World

Nokia has problems. Smartphone problems. Software problems. American problems. But to fully understand what's wrong, we've got to understand what's been right, or to put in another way, what's distracted Nokia. Meet the most popular phone in the world. » 10/19/10 1:40pm 10/19/10 1:40pm

Microsoft Kin Review: The Best Cellphones You'll Never Buy

The Kins have an audience, a sense of style, and—a rarity from Microsoft—a coherent philosophy. They're precocious feature phones, with the potential to make mainstream, phone-based social network not suck. So why are they priced like smartphones? » 5/05/10 12:01am 5/05/10 12:01am

Sonim XP3 Review: Boiled Alive

You might not know it, but you've heard about the XP3: It's that phone that's always getting drenched, elephant-smooshed or shot, and surviving. Well, I finally got one, and the timing couldn't be better. XP3, I'm going to eat you. » 8/27/09 8:00pm 8/27/09 8:00pm

Sonim's Absurdly Tough XP3 Lands in the US: $400, Unlocked

After the beering, the hammering, the shooting, and the elephant stomping, it's fair to say that, on the toughness front, Sonim's gotten their point across. Now, after months of teases, you can actually buy the XP3, unlocked, for $400. [BestBuy] » 8/21/09 12:06pm 8/21/09 12:06pm

LG Chocolate BL40's Little Brother Outed As BL42 Slider

Sure enough, that mysterious baby brick sitting next to the stretched-out BL40 is a direct followup to the last generation of LG Chocolates, called the BL42. The 3G slider is rumored to have a 240x320 display and a 5-megapixel camera. » 7/16/09 7:50am 7/16/09 7:50am

Sprint Instinct S30 Now Available, Awkward $130 Price Confirmed

Samsung's updated Instinct S30 is now listed on Sprint's website for 130 whole American dollars. Never mind that the original Instinct—an almost identical product—was available for the same price nearly a year ago. » 4/20/09 5:40am 4/20/09 5:40am

Qik Cellphone Video Streaming Now Available On Nokia and Sony Ericsson …

Qik, the service that turns a smartphone with a data plan into a live-streaming webcam, now works with over a dozen feature/non-smart/dumb phones with a new J2ME client currently in alpha. If you're a proud owner of one of the following 13 phones, you can start fiddling with the alpha today; and on top of that, Qik… » 10/20/08 11:50am 10/20/08 11:50am