700-Year-Old Cold Case Clue Found in Mummy Poop

In 1329, an Italian nobleman and dear friend of Dante suffered a particularly horrid bout of diarrhea that—it being the 14th century and all—promptly killed him at the tender age of 38. But now, thanks to Cagrande della Scala's exhumed, mummified corpse and the 700-year-old poop found therein, we know this wasn't your… »1/16/15 10:13am1/16/15 10:13am


How to Make the World’s Most Expensive Cup of Coffee

According to a 2013 survey, over eighty three percent of Americans drink coffee in the morning and the average citizen drinks multiple cups per day. Between the dark brew, the flavored lattes, the frozen caffeinated treats, and the whirling gadgets, coffee is now a thirty billion dollar industry. Coffee is big… »1/27/14 8:15am1/27/14 8:15am

This Fake Poop Is Helping Designers Test the Toilet of the Future

Toilet tech is no longer the oft-overlooked subject it once was, and much of that is thanks to the Gates Foundation, which has made helping the 3.5 billion people lacking access to clean toilets one of its main missions. But how does one test the durability of potential cost-effective commodes? By using fake poop, of… »11/19/13 1:20pm11/19/13 1:20pm

The Secret to Weight Loss Might Be Poop Transplants From Skinny People

As unlikely as it might seem, fecal transplants are actually turning out to be the stuff dreams are made of. And apparently, this magical poop procedure still has plenty to give. After some successful rounds of experimenting, scientists now believe that one possible answer to the rampant obesity problem could very… »9/06/13 6:40pm9/06/13 6:40pm

Astronauts Traveling To Mars Could Be Protected By a Poop Shield

There are all kinds of dangers on a trip to Mars. Muscle atrophy, cramped quarters, social/isolation stress, being in space. Take your pick. One of the biggest though, is being exposed to all manner of radiation and cosmic rays without an o-zone layer to keep you safe. The solution? An O-zone layer of poop. Basically. »3/03/13 10:00am3/03/13 10:00am