Anobar Set-Top FED Display Scrolls Otaku's TV Discussions in Real Time

No doubt inspired by the Japanese video site Nico Nico Douga that overlays scrolling comments over videos during playback, the Anobar sits on top of a TV and scrolls messages from others watching the same channel in real time, along with emails, Twitters, news headlines, or any other feed. The Anobar uses a pricey 640… »7/17/08 12:40pm7/17/08 12:40pm

Sony Gets Serious With Another Next-Gen Display Tech: FED, Like CRT But Really Thin

Sony is probably OLED's most vocal prophet as the TV of the future. But according to Nikkei, they're hedging their bets and getting more serious with another next-gen display tech: field emission display, which is a lot like a good ol' cathode ray tube, except that it's super thin-it has all the benefits too, like… »7/05/08 5:30pm7/05/08 5:30pm