Just a Reminder That FedEx Doesn't Give a Crap About Your Packages

It can be FedEx. It can be UPS. It can be any shipping service, really. They all promise to get your packages to where you want them to go but there's no guarantee they'll treat your packages with any sort of tender, love or care. Most likely, they'll be thrown around, banged around and destroyed in the process. Just… »7/26/13 9:13pm7/26/13 9:13pm

A Dumb Truck Makes Me Feel Like We're Living In The Future. What About You?

Nothing seems very futuristic to me. Not my phone, not my tablet, not my computer, not my TV, not my watch. None of it. We don't have flying cars and we have hoverboards that don't hover. What sort of world are we living in? Google's Glass is very futuristic but we're still a long ways away from it actually working… »3/05/13 1:00pm3/05/13 1:00pm