Spout for iPhone Beautifies Your Feeds One Post at a Time

Kinetic typography has a way of making any random group of words look super important, and Spout is no exception. It takes your Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader feeds and turns posts into well-designed animations, which are then presented in real time or on a cycle, based on your preference. Even the dullest… »3/15/11 6:40pm3/15/11 6:40pm

TweetDeck Gets Totally Rebuilt To Include Flexible Columns and More

TweetDeck was a perfectly lovely Twitter client to begin with, but the app's new release brings a few welcome improvements. Among them: "flexible" columns that let you combine your Twitter and Facebook feeds into a single orgy of meal and location updates and retina display optimization. It looks good from afar! And… »3/07/11 6:54pm3/07/11 6:54pm