Robots of the Future Will Show Empathy, Be Good Listeners

European researchers are developing a software that will give robots the power to learn when a person is sad, happy or angry. The Feelix Growing project is putting together simple robots that can detect different parameters-facial expressions, voice and proximity-to determine emotional states. The aim of the project… »7/19/08 3:45pm7/19/08 3:45pm


Feelix Growing Project Looking to Build Robots with Attitude

Consisting of international psychologists, neuroscientists, and roboticists, the Feelix Growing project is a team of braniacs hoping to build robots with human emotions that can adapt and respond to our needs depending on our interactions with them. So let's say you're happy cause you just got a 60-inch HDTV, the… »2/23/07 9:23am2/23/07 9:23am