Sega's E.M.A. Robot Is a Brazen Minx, Has a Glamorous Body, Also Kind of a Slut

We've seen midget-sized female robots coming out of Japan for a little while, but Sega Toys' Eternal, Maiden, Actualization (E.M.A.) robot seems like the most fully featured one yet. Or at least the sluttiest. The bot is 38 cm tall, has a "glamorous body," can hand out business cards, walk "like a lady," and even kiss… »6/12/08 12:30pm6/12/08 12:30pm

Bedford Smart Recharge Station is Something Your Wife Would Like

Although the Gomadic charge station, the Chargepod, the Mahogany charge station, or even the DIY charge station are good enough for us males, our wives may have something entirely different in mind. For them, the Bedford Smart Recharge Station from Pottery Barn could be just the thing to charge your gadgets and keep… »7/18/07 6:00pm7/18/07 6:00pm