Fennec Alpha Released For Android And Nokia N900

An early, pre-alpha version of Mozilla's Fennec mobile browser has been around for months, but the Firefox developer has today released an official full alpha for download. And it's not just Android that's benefitting—the mobile browser has also been released for Nokia's N900 smartphone. » 8/27/10 10:29am 8/27/10 10:29am

Try Firefox (Fennec) For Android Right Now

Watching Firefox Mobile (Fennec) has been frustrating. First, it arrives for Nokia tablets. But who uses Nokia tablets? Then, for Windows Mobile, which is dying. Thankfully, Fennec for Android—its only viable platform, for now—is coming along nicely. » 3/30/10 1:51pm 3/30/10 1:51pm

Firefox Achieves One Billion Downloads, 31% Marketshare

Firefox, the open-source upstart launched in 2004, is officially now a powerhouse, having been downloaded over one billion times in the last five years. Hell, it's prominent enough to attract the attention of the Secretary of State. » 8/01/09 5:00pm 8/01/09 5:00pm

Firefox Mobile "Fennec" Now Open to All Brave WinMo Alpha Testers

Good news if you're a Windows Mobile user and were feeling left out the Mozilla's Fennec mobile browser party. Today's Alpha 2 release should now work with most devices using the Windows Mobile 6 platform. (Support had initially been limited to the HTC Touch Pro and some other "VGA phones".) » 6/29/09 8:01am 6/29/09 8:01am

The Month In Windows Mobile Apps: Fennec the Fox Gets Some Exercise

In yet another one of our new mobile app roundups, we've taken a reckless swan dive into the vast, burbling ocean of Windows Mobile software. Mozilla's Fennec browser goes for a test run, VLC gets a remote, and more. » 6/07/09 3:00pm 6/07/09 3:00pm

Firefox Mobile Pre-Alpha Now Available for VGA Windows Mobile Phones

Just as Mozilla's developer wiki cryptically promised last week, a pre-alpha build of Firefox Mobile 'Fennec' has been made available for the HTC Touch Pro, though it'll work on many other VGA (480x640) WinMo phones. » 2/11/09 6:11am 2/11/09 6:11am

Firefox Mobile Won't Be Foxing Up Android Anytime Soon

Often, when people carp about Mobile Firefox or Opera not being able to run on the iPhone 'cause of Apple's SDK restrictions » 11/10/08 10:30am 11/10/08 10:30am, they'll point to Android and say "I can't wait for Mobile Firefox on Android" or some variation of that, since Android theoretically doesn't have any limitations. I've got some bad news for those …

Download First Firefox Mobile Alpha Release

The first Firefox Mobile alpha—codenamed fennec, after the fox—is up for download, as promised a few weeks ago. Currently, the only actual mobile thing it runs on is Nokia's N810 tablet, but you can play with it on Windows, OS X or Linux. Since we saw the Windows Mobile version over the weekend, it'll probably follow… » 10/17/08 5:40pm 10/17/08 5:40pm