World's Longest Neutrino Beam Will Explore Why the Universe Still Exists

It may not possess the sense of overwhelming grandeur that CERN can muster, but Fermilab's new 500-mile long neutrino experiment is just as ambitious. Leveraging the most powerful accelerator-based neutrino experiment ever built in the United States, researchers hope to unravel subatomic secrets and, through them,… »10/08/14 11:40am10/08/14 11:40am

Watch Fermilab's Astoundingly Massive Neutrino Detector Being Built

The Department of Energy's Fermilab is building a gargantuan detector to examine uncharged subatomic neutrinos that can blast through the earth unimpeded. The 14,000-ton detector in Minnesota will capture neutrinos shot from a cannon over 500 miles away. Watch how they build a huge catcher's mitt for subatomic… »2/01/14 10:00am2/01/14 10:00am

Fermilab's New Neutrino Cannon Shoots Subterranean Subatomics

Given how rarely neutrinos interact with other elementary particles, they're notoriously difficult to study and consequently, our understanding of these electrically neutral subatomic entities remains rather sketchy. However, the Department of Energy's famed Fermilab in Batavia, IL aims to unlock these particles'… »9/24/13 11:30am9/24/13 11:30am

Fermilab Hunts Rare Subatomic Particles With This 50-Foot Electromagnet

Just because Fermilab shut off its famous Tevartron back in 2011 doesn't mean the entire facility closed down with it. In fact, the Chicago-area physics lab is embarking on an auspicious plan to develop some of the world's most powerful proton beam technology by the end of the decade. But first, researchers have to… »7/29/13 11:30am7/29/13 11:30am