Americans Are So Fat, Washington State Ferries Have to Carry Less of Them

America's gotten significantly heavier over the past twenty years and we should have seen this coming. First Kevin Smith gets booted off that flight, then that guy sues White Castle for not having plus-sized booths. Now, one of the nation's largest ferry systems is obligated to carry fewer people on each trip. » 12/22/11 2:40am 12/22/11 2:40am

Jicoo Floating Bar Reminds Us of What Could Have Been

We all know that Tokyo is a gadget lover's paradise, but it just became the hippest hang out on Earth, thanks to the Jicoo Floating Bar. As Adam is off to Japan, we thought he'd need somewhere cool to chill, so Frucci; check out the oldie but goodie Floating Bar. The impressive vessel is styled in the fashion of a… » 10/13/07 11:05am 10/13/07 11:05am