You Can Visit Your Favorite Musical Festivals From the Comfort of YouTube This Summer

Unfortunately, we still can't ban hipsters from music festivals. Thankfully, YouTube and Dell are providing live-streaming four major festivals this summer, including The New Orleans Jazz Festival, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and Austin City Limits. Problem solved! Also perfect if you're looking for all the enjoyment of a… »3/16/12 11:27am3/16/12 11:27am


The Blip Festival: Like Girl Talk and a Game Boy Had a Baby

Brooklyn's Blip Festival 2008, which is taking place this weekend, December 4th through 7th, is a celebration of modders, music, vintage game consoles, and graphics. Artists come from all over the world to perform electronic music created with Game Boys, Commodore 64s, and Famicoms, and it's more than just bleeps and… »12/06/08 7:00pm12/06/08 7:00pm

Does Pittsburgh Dream of Electric Sheep? No: It's Got One Already

A six-legged robotic sheep, with grass-mowing teeth and GPS navigation: gotta be inspired by Philip K. Dick, right? Yes, it is: Mower was created by Osman Khan, a visiting professor at Carnegie Mellon's School of Art, and is on display as part of the Bigbots exhibit at the Robot 250 festival. Mower roams around… »7/15/08 5:28am7/15/08 5:28am