How to Escape Comcast and Get Your Internet Elsewhere

Comcast has confirmed that it's going to buy Time Warner Cable to form a huge, tangled monster of awfulness. Hooray! You want out? Lucky for you there are some alternatives to doing business with your monopolistic cable-internet master if you try hard enough. Here are your options, and good luck making your escape. » 2/13/14 9:52am 2/13/14 9:52am

A Tiny New Chip Promises Internet 400 Times Faster Than Google Fiber

Fast internet is fast. Google Fiber's gigabit connections? That's like driving a sports car compared to the go-cart-speed connection that's probably in your house. But new technology from IBM opens the door for connections that are beyond fast. Comparatively, it's like flying a fighter jet. » 2/12/14 2:24pm 2/12/14 2:24pm

The Fastest Real-World Internet Is 1000x Quicker than Google Fiber

Fiber internet is great no matter who's laying it down. Gigabit connection speeds? Hell yes. But if you thought that was fast, researchers in the UK have something better that will not only blow your hair back, but blow it right off: a 1.4 terabit connection, and all with commercial-grade hardware. » 1/22/14 12:20pm 1/22/14 12:20pm

Google Fiber Continues the Awful ISP Tradition of Banning “Servers”

In a Wired piece published recently, Ryan Singel assails Google's newfound hypocrisy when it comes to net neutrality. And he's right. Having spent many years fighting to stop Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from discriminating between different types of Internet traffic, the tech giant is now perpetuating a… » 8/13/13 3:40am 8/13/13 3:40am

China's Requiring All New Houses Built Near Fiber to Have It Installed

Here in the US, the one pushing fiber hardest is Google, and for the time being, you're only able to get some of that sweet, sweet juice if you're in Kansas City. And you'll have to pay for it. In China, things are a bit different. A new policy now requires all residences built near fiber (within a mile) to be wired… » 1/12/13 6:00pm 1/12/13 6:00pm

Google's Having Some Trouble Filling Up Its Kansas City Fiberhoods

Google Fiber's whopping 1000Mbps Internet connections sure sound sweet, but despite the awesome deals which include free option (after a $300 construction fee), fiber doesn't seem to be having quite the draw you'd expect. That being the case, Google has lowered some of the pre-registration goals. » 9/02/12 2:00pm 9/02/12 2:00pm