Wind Turbine Laser System Detects Gusts Before They Arrive

A startup company named 'Catch the Wind' has developed a product that could increase the efficiency of wind turbines by up to ten percent. Currently, wind turbines lose one percent of their operating efficiency for every degree that the blades are out of alignment with the oncoming wind. The 'Vindicator' fiber-optic… »11/06/08 1:30pm11/06/08 1:30pm

Transparent Fiber Optic Cabling: An Easy Way To Hide Unsightly Wires

Earlier this year we came across a solution for hooking up surround sound with flat speaker cable »8/27/08 5:30pm8/27/08 5:30pm that promised a quick and inconspicuous way to deal with cabling across a room. A company called OWLink is offering up another solution to this problem using their new transparent fiber optic cabling. The fiber itself…

Kurage Fiber-Optic Chandelier Adjusts Brightness By Tweaking its Curves

This chandelier-ish lighting design, dubbed Kurage3, allows you to change its level of illumination by changing how curved a shape it makes. Simple science really: If you make it curve past the critical angle for the 1.5-mm fiber-optic, instead of shooting through the tube of glass, the light from an LED light source… »8/20/08 8:27am8/20/08 8:27am

Are You Getting Screwed? Quick-Glance ISP Pricing Chart

Electronic House has done some serious homework, compiling price, bandwidth and plan information from most US ISPs, from sluggy dial-up to hyperspeedy fiber. (I couldn't spot Cablevision, but there were others I hadn't even heard of.) Due to cable build-out and the territorial nature of phone companies, you can't do… »5/30/08 9:15am5/30/08 9:15am

Scientists Make Black Hole in Fiber Optic Cable: World Doesn't End

OK, so its not quite as sensational as it sounds— UK scientists have been trying to simulate conditions near the event horizons that shroud black holes, and they've cleverly simulated a horizon using pulses of light in a special optical fiber. So, no disastrous gravity well was made and the world didn't suddenly end… »3/10/08 9:55am3/10/08 9:55am

Time Warner Says Verizon Is a Constipated Gay Man with Magic Fingers

This Time Warner ad taking on Verizon FiOS is so ludicrously hilarious it almost does make want to sign up with Time Warner. In the spot, Verizon is a constipated (wait for it), overly enthusiastic gay-coded dude with magic fingers shooting red lightning and flying Vs (for Verizon!), touting "THE FIBER." It's so… »2/08/08 12:40pm2/08/08 12:40pm

IBM Unleashes Photonic Supercomputer... On a Chip

Modern supercomputers are still at least 100 times faster than the crappy laptop you bought a week ago, and electrons are to blame. Today, IBM introduced a way to speed up the action on regular silicon chips by replacing the wiring with pulses of light, a technology called—what else?—silicon photonics. This method… »12/06/07 10:17am12/06/07 10:17am

Comcast Getting 100Mbps Cable Modems Next Year, Fiber Scared?

Comcast confirms we'll see the rollout of DOCSIS 3.0—the next-gen data over cable standard allowing bandwidth of 160Mbps down and 120Mbps up—starting next year, with 20 percent of its footprint expected to be blanketed in bandwidth goodness by the end of 2008. Even though Comcast isn't saying where it'll fall, markets… »11/29/07 6:00pm11/29/07 6:00pm