Field Notes: Grappling With the Sigma DP1 Quattro's Bizarre Shape 

Sigma is known primarily for lenses, but it also makes cameras. The most recent creation is the Quattro series. Like previous models, it uses Sigma's unique high resolution Foveon sensor. But this time around, some serious shape-shifting has been applied to the body for a truly oddball camera that is hard to come to… »12/11/14 2:23pm12/11/14 2:23pm


Field Notes: The Nikon D750 Is a Delightful Full-Frame Video DSLR

Back in September, Nikon announced yet another full-frame DSLR to add to its broad lineup— the upper-mid-level D750. Equipped with a pivoting LCD and a handful of video specific features, this new guy is chasing the hearts of filmmakers in particular. At first glance it's a welcome addition to an already proven camera… »12/05/14 1:23pm12/05/14 1:23pm

Audiovox Intros New Acoustic Research and Jensen Products At Mostly Affordable Prices

Audiovox isn't so much an innovator as a "value" company, making (or at least branding) products that are fairly cheap in price but hopefully hold together. You probably know Jensen is an Audiovox brand; you may not know that Acoustic Research (along with certain RCA products) were added to the Audiovox lineup not… »7/17/07 1:48pm7/17/07 1:48pm

Hands On With Samsung's Newest TV Tech: Wi-Fi Plasma, LED-Backlight LCD and 120Hz Blur Reduction

If you think all flat panels are the same, you haven't seen the stuff I'm about to show you. Remember that Wi-Fi 1080p plasma we told you about in April? Well that's it, above, and look ma, no wires. (Okay, there's a power cable plugged into the wall — who do you think built it, Nikolai Tesla?) After the jump, I'll… »7/11/07 6:15pm7/11/07 6:15pm

Three New Samsung Camcorders In Hi-Def, YouTube-Friendly, and Hybrid DVD-Flash Flavors

Today at its holiday preview in New York, Samsung showed off three camcorders that the company wants to use to jumpstart an industry that has slowed down. These cute, extra shiny devices are keyed into your particular video preference. Want to burn to DVD? Capture in HD? Get it up on the web ASAP? Choose your weapon.

»7/11/07 5:09pm7/11/07 5:09pm

Toshiba and Microsoft Remind Us What HD DVD Can Do (and What Blu-Ray Can't)

Dismissing that whole Blockbuster Blu-ray decision as nothing more than a PR victory, and in no way an exclusive deal by the video-rental company, execs from Toshiba and Microsoft came to NYC to show off the latest in HD DVD amenities. The latest firmware, the one that finally allows for Web-enabled network… »6/29/07 12:14am6/29/07 12:14am

Tivoli Audio Introduces NetWorks and NetWorksGo Wi-Fi Internet Radios

Today in New York, Tivoli Audio founder Tom DeVesto unveiled plans, what he called "five years worth of work," for two Internet radios modeled after the company's successful Kloss Model One and SongBook radios. The Kloss Model One look-alike will be called NetWorks, and the SongBook-styled one, shown above, will be… »6/22/07 3:43pm6/22/07 3:43pm

First Hands-On with Archos 605 Wi-Fi CinemaNow Downloading PMP

Archos is one of those companies that is known better for its technology than its army of rabid fans. It had a hard-drive-based music player before the iPod, and it had one of the first, if not the first, portable DVRs on the market. Last year it rolled out the 4th generation portable media players, including the… »6/14/07 4:20pm6/14/07 4:20pm

Sony Admits It's "Really Late In The Game" For Personal Audio Battle With Apple

At a press breakfast today in NYC, Sony Electronics US President Stan Glasgow admitted that Sony's attempts to unseat Apple in the once Walkman-dominated personal audio category are pretty close to over. For many years, Sony repeated the slogan, "It's still early in the game." Today, acknowledging Apple's 80% market… »6/13/07 11:15am6/13/07 11:15am

First Look at Mitsubishi's 1080p DLPs and LCDs, and What's That About Laser DLP?

Having had a look at the new DLPs and LCDs from Mitsubishi, due out this August, I'm pretty excited about what I see. The TVs are generally sweet, as Mitsubishi has joined Pioneer in the "higher end or bust" category. The DLPs have impressive viewing angles both widthwise and up-and-down; I hate when you get close to… »5/14/07 5:23pm5/14/07 5:23pm

What's In Nokia's Future? Exec Talks Symbian, GPS, WiMax and More

Mobile freaks know that Nokia is a funny company, at the same time the biggest brand in handsets worldwide, and a niche player in the American cellphone market. This week, I sat down with Bill Plummer, Nokia's North America VP of sales and channel management for Multimedia to discuss matters Nokia faces in the… »4/27/07 3:00pm4/27/07 3:00pm