Field Test: Fujifilm's X100T Is the Most Amazing Camera I'd Never Buy

Fujifilm's X100 series cameras are not for the masses. They are expensive, don't zoom, and don't fit in your pocket. And yet, if there's a single modern digital camera that has reached near cult status in the past few years, it's the X100. Enthusiasts flock to the retro-styled, fixed-lens shooters in droves. The… »1/02/15 1:47pm1/02/15 1:47pm


Nat Geo Photographers Get to Play with the Coolest Gadgets

We all know being a National Geographic photographer dangerous work, but it's not all snake bites and panther maulings. Nat Geo's new Field Test feature series shows off some of the high tech gadgets—from camera traps to sexcopters—the photographers employ to get their spectacular shots. [Field Test - Image: National… »12/15/11 3:40am12/15/11 3:40am

Rugged Augmentix XTG Taken to Iraq for Battle Testing

We've seen some tough notebooks before, but this Augmentix XTG, which is actually a ruggedized Dell Latitude ATG630e, wins the prize for ruggetude. Noah Shachtman from Danger Room took this monster out into the field—in Iraq of all places—for some real-world battle testing, and calls its hefty "Armored Protection… »12/07/07 2:40pm12/07/07 2:40pm