We Definitely Shouldn't Have Taught Robots How To Sword Fight

Japan’s Namiki Laboratory is known for its robotic arms and high-speed vision systems that can move and react faster than a human being can. That’s the neat part. The scary part is that for some reason the researchers there have decided that teaching their creations to effectively fight with swords was a good idea.… » 4/10/15 5:30pm 4/10/15 5:30pm

How to Win Fights With Your Family This Thanksgiving: Don't

Tomorrow you'll gather around the Thanksgiving table with your family—those precious few souls that walk this cold Earth draped in the same flesh and blood that coat your weary bones. Invariably, they will say something that makes you want to murder them or, at the very least, ruin dinner in the process of setting… » 11/26/14 3:27pm 11/26/14 3:27pm

These Pint-Sized Robo Pugilists Are Surprisingly Entertaining

It's no Real Steel, but damned if these tiny robots duking it out in the SupaRobotAttack fighting league aren't incredibly entertaining to watch. Not only are they surprisingly nimble, articulated, and agile, they're also all dressed up in kung-fu-movie-esque costumes which most certainly adds to their appeal. » 8/09/13 1:40pm 8/09/13 1:40pm

There's a Silicon Valley Fight Club for Nerds

The Silicon Valley Fight Club has been around for quite a while now, but this documentary shows the grown up nerds actually fighting. They smash keyboards on each other, use vacuums in fights, anything really. It sounds like a joke, I know, but watch the documentary, this club really exists and means a lot to these… » 2/10/11 6:20pm 2/10/11 6:20pm

Punching Bag Changes Color Just Like a Video Game Boss

Remember playing something like TMNT arcade, and Bebop and Rocksteady would grow increasingly red, tempting you to throw in quarter after quarter because every moment seemed like the » 9/30/08 6:40pm 9/30/08 6:40pm moment they would be defeated? This punching bag works under the same philosophy, though it turns from red to a sickly yellow, as if…

Two-Legged Robot Wars: Kung Fu Fighting and Floating Head Smackdowns

Who has the strongest two-legged robot in the world? The Robo-One ground championships currently being held in Japan aims to find out. Twenty-five competitors are duking it out in "a spectacle strikes a close resemblance to a real boxing or mixed martial arts match as robots trade jabs, dodge punches and eventually… » 12/03/07 8:00pm 12/03/07 8:00pm