Guy inserts himself inside a video game to fight video game characters

I'm pretty sure every Cheetos eater on Earth who has ever played a video game has wished that they could play themselves as a character inside a video game. This excellently edited and riotously fun video from Keren Banget makes that dream come true, he "put" his real human self inside a fighting game to fight video… »3/12/15 10:40pm3/12/15 10:40pm


Fan Pirates Game, Accidentally Tells Developer About It

When fighting game fan "Dan Hibiki" got a strange message while playing Skullgirls, he did what anyone with a Twitter account might do: he contacted the game developers to ask what was going on. Little did he know that the message, pictured below, was something that only those who pirated the game could see. »7/09/14 4:17pm7/09/14 4:17pm

These GIFs of Video Game Backgrounds Are Mesmerizing Works of Art

Did you ever realize how silly 2D video game backgrounds are? Especially those in fighting games like in Street Fighter 2 or Samurai Showdown. Random people watching you fight with random objects like planes and dogs around them in random places of the world. Let's fight in an aquarium! Or an airport hangar! Or a gym… »5/23/13 1:00am5/23/13 1:00am