Linux File Systems Benchmarked

If you're wondering which file system you should format your new Linux partition as, phoronix has a test of EXT4, BBtrfs and NILFS2. The winner (for the most part): EXT4. Hit the link if you want to find out why. [Phoronix via Slashdot] » 6/30/09 1:40pm 6/30/09 1:40pm

Speculation Smashed: No ZFS in Leopard

There was a reason ZFS wasn't named-checked as one of Leopard's 10 (not so) new features at WWDC 07—despite declarations by Sun's CEO, Jonathan Schwartz, yesterday Apple denied ZFS's presence in Leopard. Put another way by Brian Croll, senior director of product marketing for OS X: "ZFS is not happening." Ouch. » 6/12/07 2:15pm 6/12/07 2:15pm

ZFS Now Default File System in Apple's OS X Leopard

Fantastic news for nerds who keep up with file systems. Sun's just accidentally spilled the beans that OS 10.5, aka OS X Leopard, is going to be using ZFS as its default file system. ZFS replaces Journaled HFS+, Apple's current file system, and supposedly adds a bunch of improvements. » 6/06/07 4:50pm 6/06/07 4:50pm

XBox 360 Hacked - Full HD/Memory Card Read-Write

Another day, another compromised closed-source project. The XBox 360 filesystem has been cracked wide open and you can now move saved games to and from your 360 using a piece of software called xplorer360, a SATA cable, and/or a hacked USB cable. » 2/13/06 10:09am 2/13/06 10:09am