These Tea Bags Filter Your Water Instead of Flavoring It

Re-usable water bottles are great for the environment, but are they so awesome for your taste buds? When you're out and about you're usually left filling them up from sketchy-looking drinking fountains or other questionable sources. But with these easy-to-use Shake Filters that work kind of like tea bags, you're… » 11/07/13 5:40pm 11/07/13 5:40pm

Sharp KC-C100, C150 Purify and Humidify Your Air Stylishly

Sharp's new air purifiers prove that humble household electrical gadgets can actually look quite stylish. These have triple filtration technology, including true HEPA filters to trap the majority of airborne nasties in your home, and their filters only need changing every five years. They can also push a room's… » 3/24/08 7:45am 3/24/08 7:45am

Spin and Mist Your Way to Cleaner Air With the Antibac2k

Is your air too dirty to merely filter? Then check out the Antibac2k. This little rotating sphere one-ups all of the gigantic air filtration systems in the US by proactively sending out an air filtration mist that rids your room of bacteria and dust. Think of it as Purel for the air. And if that's not enough, the… » 10/01/07 5:00pm 10/01/07 5:00pm