PISCES Exoskeletons Turn Every Solider Into Aquaman

Apparently the military has been working with West Florida's Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC) for several years trying to develop an underwater exoskeleton » 9/18/08 11:45am 9/18/08 11:45am that would improve a soldier's speed and endurance underwater. Much like early pioneers of flight, IHMC has looked to nature to provide answers. So…

Helio Cuts All Phone Prices by $50, Flashes Some Leg, Winks

First they dropped their all-in plan to $99 a month, and now they've gone and slashed the prices of all their phones by $50. Helio really wants you to switch to them in a bad way, which could be a sign that they aren't doing so hot, or they may be paving the way for a new device to drop. Either way, now that you can… » 11/15/07 10:40am 11/15/07 10:40am

Sizemodo: Helio Fin vs. Ocean vs. iPhone vs. HTC Touch

Here's how the Helio Fin, the thinnest clamshell in the US, stacks up against other equally thin phones. As you can see, it's pretty much the same thickness as the iPhone, which is amazing since the Fin actually flips open. It's slightly thinner than the HTC Touch, and is dwarfed by the bulge-tastic Helio Ocean. More… » 8/16/07 1:47pm 8/16/07 1:47pm

The Helio Fin is a Magnesium-Cased Samsung Ultra Flip Phone!

Holy crap. The Helio Fin is the company's first clamshell, and is built on Samsung Ultra phone DNA. As such, it's only 11.4mm thick, and hot damn, it's the only one made of magnesium. It's also the only Helio handset to have Garmin turn-by-turn GPS software on it, although you'll have to rent it to a sick tune of $3 a… » 8/15/07 9:00am 8/15/07 9:00am