Apple Resurrects Final Cut Studio, Will Sell It For $999 (Updated)

It appears that the public outcry against Final Cut Pro X has been so great that Apple is putting the legacy version, Final Cut Studio, back on sale. It's reportedly available for $999 from telesales only. » 9/01/11 8:40pm 9/01/11 8:40pm

Why An Amazing Surf Director Thinks FCP X Should Be Called Final Cut…

Cyrus Sutton is a surfer. And he's reviewing Final Cut Pro X for Gizmodo. Why? Because he's one of the best surf flick directors in decades. His movies exude a summertime vibe I wish I could bottle up for winter. » 7/30/11 12:00pm 7/30/11 12:00pm

Apple's Final Cut Pro FAQ Explains Why You've Been Tearing Your Hair Out

Really upset about Final Cut Pro X and wondering what in Jobs' name Apple was thinking? Here's the FAQ that explains it all—or tries to, anyway. » 6/29/11 3:47pm 6/29/11 3:47pm

Final Cut Pro X Is Available in the Mac App Store Right Now

If you've been waiting for Final Cut Pro X, complete with its fancy new overhaul, you can go and buy it now in Mac App Store. $300. [Apple via 9to5mac] » 6/21/11 8:45am 6/21/11 8:45am

Why Final Cut Pro X Is Sending Me Back to Avid

Matt Toder has been editing video professionally for eight years, and currently works at Gawker.TV. These are his thoughts on Apple's latest Final Cut Pro release. » 4/18/11 2:40pm 4/18/11 2:40pm

Apple Finally Acknowledges Blu-Ray Exists

Apple has finally acknowledged that Blu-ray exists. Sadly—or fortunately—not with a brand new iMac 30, but with the "Create Blu-ray" option in the new Final Cut Pro. Oh poop. [Thanks Frank] » 7/24/09 10:49am 7/24/09 10:49am

Student Writes to Steve Jobs, Gets Free Final Cut Studio 2

Sometimes Xmas comes earlier and when you less expect it: A Greenwich High School student wrote a letter directly to Mr. Jobs himself asking politely for an student discount on Final Cut Studio 2. Two weeks later, he got way more than he wanted, shipped directly from Cupertino.The student, a long-time Gizmodo reader… » 11/24/08 6:20pm 11/24/08 6:20pm

Apple's Final Cut Pro User Group Will Have Something *Super Secret* at…

AppleInsider reports that there will be something "super secret" unveiled at a January 16 Final Cut Pro group, held a day after Steve Jobs' January 15 Macworld keynote. What it is is unknown (obviously, because it's a secret), but will probably not be the next version of Final Cut Studio. It could be an updated Mac… » 1/02/08 8:07pm 1/02/08 8:07pm

Apple Store is Back, Now with Final Cut Studio 2

The Apple store has come back online (as expected I guess) with a new goodie!

Final Cut Studio 2

Existing users upgrade for $499, new for $1,299.00 » 4/15/07 4:53pm 4/15/07 4:53pm

Final Cut Pro is Now a Format Ho

Apple introduced Open Format for Final Cut Pro, allowing you to mix different formats on the timeline. They say "it just works," and from the demo, looks like all kinds of formats can nicely live together on the same editing timeline, where they had to be transcoded to work together before. » 4/15/07 3:33pm 4/15/07 3:33pm

Adobe Video Post Suite for Mac Announced

Adobe announced its Production Studio software is on its way for the Mac, returning the respectable Adobe Premiere Pro nonlinear editing software back to the Mac whence it came. Also newly available on the Mac will be DVD authoring software Adobe Encore and the new Adobe Soundbooth, which makes audio production more… » 1/04/07 9:13am 1/04/07 9:13am

Matrox Ships MXO for Mac Video Editing

Matrox just shipped MXO, a handy little box for Mac users who edit professional-level video. Connected to the Mac's secondary DVI port and also hooked up to USB 2.0, this portable unit converts that computer video into TV video, allowing the signal to be recorded easily in real time. It can also be output to a variety… » 7/18/06 2:00pm 7/18/06 2:00pm