The Latest Final Cut Pro X Update Brings the Features Pro Editors Have…

Final Cut Pro X received a shiny new update today, outfitted with support for multicam editing and support for external broadcast monitors. But most importantly is support for a new third-party plugin which lets editors import their sessions from legacy version of Final Cut Pro. Something users had long lamented. » 1/31/12 3:44pm 1/31/12 3:44pm

Final Cut Pro X is Apple's Next Generation Video Editor

The next Final Cut Pro, X, is coming out this June for $300. The video editor will be written as a full 64-bit application with support for Grand Central Dispatch (Apple's technology that allows a piece of software to dynamically utilize many processor cores, utilizing a modern CPU more effectively and rendering video… » 4/13/11 12:28am 4/13/11 12:28am