Electrolux Design Lab Finalists Biting Their Nails as the Winner is…

The winner of Electrolux's Design Lab 2007 competition will be announced tomorrow in Paris, and these are the final eight products hoping to win their creator 5,000 ($7,435). The brief was to design something eco-friendly and sustainable for 2020, and sexiest is the Fog Shower by Joo Diego Schlmansky from Brazil,… » 11/27/07 6:51am 11/27/07 6:51am

Dork Contest Finalists

Dorkdom is hard on the young. As we grow older, we turn into William Vollman-esque "tortured souls" and maybe get a little play if we're not too fat, but life as a young dorkling is fraught with danger. Wedgies threaten us at every turn and a bad day on the modem could mean the difference between leeching that copy of » 12/19/05 11:15am 12/19/05 11:15am

Sharp Laptop Finalists Fight Back!

The Sharp Laptop Contest Finalist Smackdown is getting beautifully ugly. Misstreated (that's her desktop up above, and there is another photo after the jump) is madder than a Missouri Tiger. Garage Band Destruction sent a photo of the drummer boy en flagrante. PowerBook Pee-Pee says he's no Richie Rich, but an… » 10/28/05 12:28pm 10/28/05 12:28pm

Sharp Laptop Contest Finalists, Finally

The winner of the Sharp WideNote M4000 is down to four finalists. Their photos and stories after the jump. We're going to ask you, fair readers, to vote on the winner. But just for kicks—the poll will have little bearing on the final outcome. Why? Because we say so. » 10/28/05 12:27pm 10/28/05 12:27pm