FAA Advisory Panel Says We Should Be Allowed to Use Electronic Devices

As expected, the FAA advisory committee has recommended that airline passengers should be "allowed to use smartphones, tablets, e-readers and other personal electronic devices during takeoffs and landings". That means, yes, we can finally use our damn (innocent) electronic devices while on an airplane without looking… » 9/26/13 10:26pm 9/26/13 10:26pm

You're Gonna Be Able to Pay for Stuff with Your Phone this Fall

We've been waiting forever and a half for NFC technology to take over our lives and rid ourselves of silly wallets and credit cards. Visa is creating a digital wallet service that'll make all that real this fall. » 5/11/11 9:41pm 5/11/11 9:41pm

Supercomputers Corroborate Einstein's e=mc2 After 103 Years

Believe it or not, but it has taken 103 years and the combined power of various of the world's top supercomputers to prove Eintein's biggest equation right, resolving e=mc2 at the scale of sub-atomic particles. The feat has been achieved by a team of French, German, and Hungarian physicists led by Laurent Lellouch at… » 11/21/08 6:56pm 11/21/08 6:56pm

Samsung BlackJack Finally Getting Windows Mobile 6 Update!

You've been waiting almost a year for it, but Samsung's finally putting out the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for your BlackJack. Just hit up the link below at 5 p.m. EST (2 p.m. PST) and you'll be able to load it on your own phone. Saves you a bit of cash from having to upgrade to the BlackJack 2. [Samsung] » 1/23/08 12:13pm 1/23/08 12:13pm

T-Mobile's First 3G Phone, Samsung T639, Streets in NYC

After getting FCC'd in July, a 3G'd up version of the Samsung T639 is now on sale at "select" NYC T-Mobile stores. The catch is that T-Mob's 3G network isn't quite up and running—they bought some licenses in 2006 and have been working on it, but it ain't ready yet. Of course, the T639's launch might be hinting it'll… » 10/11/07 5:00pm 10/11/07 5:00pm

First Useful TV Packaging In History Transforms Into a TV Stand

Wouldn't the packaging for a big-screen TV be the perfect size for a TV stand? Yes, and a clever designer decided to do just that. We knew there were some tricky designers working on various packaging techniques for electronics devices, judging from all the puzzle-like intricate packing schemes we've seen in the… » 7/18/07 9:06am 7/18/07 9:06am