Seattle Thrift Stores Flooded With Shirts From Disgruntled Microsoft…

In the wake of Microsoft's first wave of layoffs, Seattle thrift stores are seeing a significant rise in Microsoft-related, wearable propaganda. And some of this stuff is downright hilarious. » 2/03/09 4:00pm 2/03/09 4:00pm

Sony Lays Off 16,000 Workers, Hopes to Save One BILLION Dollars

In an attempt to weather the looming financial apocalypse, Sony will lay off 16,000 workers and close five or six factories, according to Forbes. Sony believes the decision will help them save one billion dollars and stay competitive in the next fiscal year. Forbes says part of the reason Sony faces an uphill battle is … » 12/10/08 3:46pm 12/10/08 3:46pm

MacGruber, Defusing Bomb, Has Just Enough Time To Check Stocks…

Click to view » 10/19/08 1:30pm 10/19/08 1:30pm MacGruber hasn't checked his stock portfolio in months. So when he finds himself with a little spare time before defusing a nitrogen bomb, he pulls out his old ghetto laptop to check his stocks, "authentic" modem sound and all. What he learns is that the Financiapocalypse is at hand. []

Shaky Walkway Designed to Remind You The World Is Going to Hell

German artist Tom Schmelzer is one troubling dude: His proposed interactive walkway, Out of Joint » 10/17/08 8:50pm 10/17/08 8:50pm, is supposed to give you a physical feeling of turmoil to match the cataclysmic ups and downs of the global financial markets. So, thanks to avalanche-simulating hydraulics, instead of just sick to your stomach, you will …

The Truth About the Apple Tax

The Apple Tax is a popular term for people who believe Macs are overpriced. It's usually screamed at the top of lungs (or the blog-commenter equivalent), but it's rarely been dissected. The truth about the Apple Tax is straightforward on one level-you will pay more for the same specs on a Mac-and surprisingly… » 10/17/08 2:45pm 10/17/08 2:45pm