Halloween Mac OS X Finder Pillows Keep PCs From Trick-or-Treating on Your Sofa

You know, even though the OS X Finder guy has a big smile on his face, I can't help but think it's a facade, that he's actually depressed, or at least bi-polar. Maybe it's his complexion. These Halloween Finder pillows are way more lively, even if they're all undead. While Count Macula and Finderstein are cute riffs,… » 10/28/08 4:45pm 10/28/08 4:45pm

Remote Finder Summons Lost Electronics By Whistle

I'd never stick one of these clunky beeping remote finder devices on any remote I gave a damn about. But they are triggered by the tone of the included whistle, which gives you and your clicker a relationship not unlike Lassie and Timmy. Very cool, until you lose the whistle. $18. Bonus: They've got a keychain version » 6/04/08 8:29pm 6/04/08 8:29pm

Apple Patent Brings Multi-Size Icons to the Finder

Looks like Apple has some hidden tricks up its sleeve for OS X. A recent patent shows how the Mac OS X Finder may one day be able to display different-sized icons. So the bigger the icon, the more important it is in that particular window. (Users will also be able to assign which icons they want displayed larger.) A… » 4/06/07 10:15am 4/06/07 10:15am