Scientifically Accurate Finding Nemo Would Be Horrifyingly Incestual

Okay, so, um, here's your perception warping, good times stomping news of the day: Finding Nemo is a damn lie. Not in a oh fish can talk sort of harmless lie but in an oh my god Nemo would grow up to bone his dad sort of awful lie. The Fisheries Blog broke down the science of Finding Nemo and pretty much exposed that… »8/19/13 10:36pm8/19/13 10:36pm


Disney Goes Blu-ray 1.1 With Sleeping Beauty, Finding Nemo

Disney just announced some Blu profile 1.1 firsts for them: that Sleeping Beauty will start its Platinum Edition Blu-ray Disc collecting in Fall 2008 (with special features like a Virtual Castle and interactive games) with 7.1 surround sound. Finding Nemo will also be joining it shortly afterwards. A whole bunch of… »1/05/08 3:57pm1/05/08 3:57pm