New Software Turns Nearly Any Touchscreen Into A Biometric Scanner

In an effort to fix our broke-ass password system, manufacturers are looking to the world of biometrics, sticking fingerprint scanners into everything from photocopiers to, um, school buses. Now, a team of Yahoo researchers might’ve come up with a way to extend biometric recognition to anything with a touchscreen.
»4/24/15 2:37pm4/24/15 2:37pm

Medion's New GPSs Are Really Secure, Need Your Fingerprints to Navigate

Medion's new GoPal GPS units have an unusual extra feature intended as a deterrant for thieves: fingerprint scanners. The GoPal X5535, P5235 and P5435 all have a tiny scanner and will only work when they recognize one of five stored prints, making them useless if stolen. They've all got 5-inch screens, though the… »12/01/08 1:45pm12/01/08 1:45pm

Digital Photos Act as Unique Fingerprints in Finding Criminals with Digital Cameras

Forensic specialists can now pinpoint the exact make and model of a camera simply by analyzing the pixels in digital photos. This technique would be useful in the future for tracking down criminals, such as kidnappers who've leaked photos of their hostages to the media. Read on to find out how it works.When a digital… »11/18/08 9:33pm11/18/08 9:33pm

Smudge-Resistant Film Breaks Down Your Gross Fingersweat With Chemistry

Japanese company Tsujiden has presented a new protective film that diminishes fingerprints in a matter of seconds, breaking down the oily residue using a simple property of chemistry previously utilized in soaps and detergents. The company claims that the lipophilic and hydrophilic properties of the film cause the… »10/31/08 9:00am10/31/08 9:00am

Futronic's FS88 Fingerprint Scanner Detects Difference Between Live, Dead Fingers

Say goodbye to those lousy movie plots where some girl that looks like Jennifer Garner cuts off a high-ranking execs' finger in order to gain access to some room. Futronic's latest FS88 fingerprint scanner is not only FBI approved, but it can detect the difference between live and dead fingers. As an added bonus, it… »3/11/08 2:30pm3/11/08 2:30pm