Qualcomm's New Fingerprint Recognition Could Be Better Than Touch ID

With the launch of the iPhone 5S, Apple set a high bar for finger print recognition with TouchID. Until now Android phones have failed to compete—but now Qualcomm is launching a fingerprint sensor that could change that. » 3/02/15 5:50am 3/02/15 5:50am

The Tech That Will Kill Passwords Dead

Cops Can Make You Fingerprint-Unlock Your Phone, and That's Not Okay

A Virginia Circuit Court judge recently said that it was not okay for cops to force suspect's to unlock their phones with a passcode. (Thanks, the Constitution!) However, the judge also ruled that it was okay for cops to force suspects to unlock their phones with a fingerprint. Wait, what? » 11/03/14 11:08am 11/03/14 11:08am

The Ultra-Laborious Way the FBI Matched Fingerprints to Paper Files

The FBI just switched over to Next-Generation Identification, a new digital system for keeping track of the 83 million fingerprint cards the bureau maintains. That means dismantling thousands of filing cabinets that were once hand-searched by Bureau employees, twenty-four hours a day. Here's how they did it. » 8/23/14 8:00pm 8/23/14 8:00pm

New Method For Analyzing Fingerprints Uses Tiny Patterns of Sweat

Fingerprints, as most of us know, are composed of whorls, loops, and arches. But keep zooming in, and you'll find tiny, tiny sweat pores arranged in patterns equally unique. Scientists in Korea have found a new way to map those pores that could help identify decade-old fingerprint fragments. » 4/30/14 10:25am 4/30/14 10:25am

Apple Wants To Use Your Fingerprints to Unlock Your iPhone

Apple was just granted a patent for technology that could lead to a fancy new biometric unlocking mechanism on future Apple products. The technology could also be used to implement new security features for ecommerce. The patent comes just a few months after Apple bought security technology company AuthenTec for $356… » 10/11/12 11:55am 10/11/12 11:55am

World's Smallest Fingerprint Reader Borders on Adorable

Following in the footsteps of USB flash drives that have shrunk to meer slivers of plastic, Eikon's new Mini biometric fingerprint reader is barely noticeable as it hangs off your laptop. And the convenience of not having to remember passwords will cost you just $10. » 6/06/12 8:44am 6/06/12 8:44am

The Police Saved a Blind Woman's Invisible Writing

Trish Vickers is a woman who went blind seven years ago because of diabetes. Instead of complaining, she's been writing—yes, literally writing—a book. Recently, however, she lost 26 pages of her novel because she didn't realize the pen she was using had run out of ink. » 4/12/12 1:00pm 4/12/12 1:00pm

An iPhone Case For Fingerprint Fighters

Most people have learned to live with the fingerprints and smear marks on their touchscreen devices. But for those of us who still spend more time than we should polishing and re-polishing our displays, there's the WipeCoin iPhone case. » 2/11/12 4:00pm 2/11/12 4:00pm

Are Fingerprint Scanners Really Necessary On School Buses?

The Washington County school system in Florida believes it has come up with the best way to take attendance. Ditching the typical roll call, the school system will use fingerprint scanners that log everyone as they step off the bus. » 10/06/11 10:30pm 10/06/11 10:30pm

Your Fingerprints Can Now Reveal Your Raging Coke Habit

Occasional tokers and functioning cokeheads beware. The latest in narc technology will now come in the form of a device that can tell if you're stoned just by your fingerprints. In minutes! » 7/25/11 2:40pm 7/25/11 2:40pm

Your Ears Might Be Better For Identification Than Your Fingerprints

On a planet hosting 6.7 billion human beings, having proof you're unique is of tantamount importance. The ear, it turns out, may be the best identification yet. » 11/12/10 8:40pm 11/12/10 8:40pm

New Jersey County Tracking Homeless With Biometrics

Bergen County, New Jersey had a problem. They needed to keep track of how often homeless people received services like food and shelter, but they didn't have a reliable way of identifying them. So they started scanning their fingerprints. » 10/28/10 11:00pm 10/28/10 11:00pm

Simple Lack of Hygiene Fools Most Biometric Scanners

A new report out of the US National Research Council asks that you leave the severed fingers and popped out eyeballs at home when trying to fool biometric scanners. » 10/03/10 1:00pm 10/03/10 1:00pm

Hitachi's Biometric Coke Machine Lets You Pay With Your Pulse

For those people who still have trouble figuring out which way to slide George into the vending machine, a prototype from Hitachi makes things a little simpler: it identifies caffeine-fiends by reading the pulse in their fingertips. » 3/30/10 11:40pm 3/30/10 11:40pm

Chinese Woman Fools Scanners By Surgically Switching Her Fingerprints

Unfortunately for Lin Ring, her $14,600 surgical fingerprint switching procedure was able to fool the scanners, but could not prevent immigration officials from noticing the scars on her fingers. » 12/08/09 8:00pm 12/08/09 8:00pm

Apple's Future iPhone Patents Show Fingerprint ID For Different…

MacRumors found three interesting patents that point to various new interaction techniques. The most interesting is the fingerprint ID directly on the screen so that the iPhone can see which finger you're using and accept gestures appropriately. » 7/02/09 6:54pm 7/02/09 6:54pm

Cancer Meds Wiped Off Man's Fingerprints

A 62-year-old tourist was trying to enter the United States when he was stopped at customs to have his fingerprints scanned. This was a problem for both him and the customs agents, for he had no fingerprints. » 5/28/09 7:20pm 5/28/09 7:20pm

Know-It-All LCD Panel Can Scan Fingerprints, Sense Light

The fundamental proposition of consumer technology is as follows: the closer we are to using the gadgets featured in the last 10 years of crappy spy thrillers and action movies, the more progress we've made. That's how the Surface » 11/05/08 5:42am 11/05/08 5:42am came to be, and how we've ended up with the fingerprint-grabbing, light-sensing LCD…