New York City Is Very Pissed About Verizon's Failed FiOS Rollout

If you live in New York City, you most likely don’t have access to Verizon’s very 21st-century fiber optic internet service, FiOS. And you should be because Verizon told the city in a contract that it would deliver fiber to every household by 2014. As of today 75-percent of New York City is still without FiOS. »6/18/15 10:45am6/18/15 10:45am


Verizon says that it's doing its customers a big favor and boosting FiOS upload speeds to match the

Verizon says that it's doing its customers a big favor and boosting FiOS upload speeds to match the download speeds. That's great news if you're a FiOS customer and upload a lot. However, just because Verizon says things will get faster doesn't necessarily mean they will. »7/21/14 10:10am7/21/14 10:10am

How Verizon Tricks You Into Paying for the Privilege to Pay More

Earlier this month, the FCC voted in favor of a pretty thoroughly terrible proposal that would kill net neutrality as we know it. A proposal that would give broadband companies an absurd amount of powers that they themselves delineated. And a proposal that would give Verizon (and broadband carriers in general) the… »5/30/14 3:00pm5/30/14 3:00pm

Verizon Won't Rebuild Its Landline Network in Some Sandy-Affected Areas

As the damage from Hurricane Sandy is disappearing and some things are returning back to normal for those in the hardest hit areas, six months after that hurricane devastated parts of the East Coast, Verizon is telling some customers that they will not be getting their landline phone service back—ever. At least not… »5/06/13 6:11pm5/06/13 6:11pm

The Internet of the Future Will Be Powered by Optical RAM

Fiber optics are the future of data transfer. The problem is that when that light signal reaches a machine, it must be converted into an electrical signal copper-veined devices can handle, resulting in speed bottlenecks. But Japanese engineers at NTT think their groundbreaking optical RAM will allow for an internet… »2/27/12 4:20pm2/27/12 4:20pm

Verizon FiOS TV Is Finally Getting a Prettier Widescreen Guide

Verizon FiOS, the shining hope in cable and Internet providers, is finally rolling out an update to their guide. The new release, Version 1.9 of the Interactive Media Guide, will bring an updated (and finally widescreen!) guide, an all new search, DVR enhancements, better support for 3DTVs and more. Not everyone will… »4/14/11 7:59pm4/14/11 7:59pm