Verizon FiOS TV Is Finally Getting a Prettier Widescreen Guide

Verizon FiOS, the shining hope in cable and Internet providers, is finally rolling out an update to their guide. The new release, Version 1.9 of the Interactive Media Guide, will bring an updated (and finally widescreen!) guide, an all new search, DVR enhancements, better support for 3DTVs and more. Not everyone will… » 4/14/11 7:59pm 4/14/11 7:59pm

Verizon FiOS: How They're Futurizing TV Faster Than AT&T and Big Cable

Verizon's New Jersey headquarters is a complicated place. Part bunker, part weirdly Buddhist sanctuary, it housed the original AT&T before the government cut it up into little pieces, half of which became Verizon, and half of which have congealed back together, T-1000 style, into Verizon's biggest competitor. I'm told… » 7/29/08 5:30pm 7/29/08 5:30pm

Giz Explains: IPTV, or Cable From the Phone Company

If you still rock the bunny ears we salute you. But odds are, you probably get TV one of two ways: Cable or satellite. There's a newer way: IP, that is Internet Protocol, TV-in this case, the TV delivered over the internet by your phone company. Verizon and AT&T push FiOS TV and U-Verse, respectively, in select… » 7/02/08 2:30pm 7/02/08 2:30pm

Verizon Offers Discount Bundle to Those Who Don't Want a Landline

There are few reasons to maintain a landline phone these days, which is why Verizon will offer an $8 to $12 discount per month to landline-free wireless customers who sign on for internet or TV service with their new Flex Double Play bundle. Wireless customers that tack on DSL service with downloads at 3 Mbps and FiOS… » 6/13/08 4:20pm 6/13/08 4:20pm

Verizon FiOS TV's High-Def VOD Goes Live: Is It in Your Neighborhood Yet?

Are you on the list? Probably not! But lucky souls in Richmond, Virginia Beach, Tampa, Fort Wayne (IN) and Pittsburgh are—HD VOD is live for Verizon FiOS TV subscribers in those locales. The rest of you, fear not the rollout mystery, here's how it's going down: Washington DC, Massachusetts and Rhode Island will slip… » 12/05/07 4:35pm 12/05/07 4:35pm

Verizon FiOS TV Subscribers Getting 150 HD Channels By End of 2008

Verizon's spreading the FiOS lovefest to the HDTV side things today, announcing plans to ballon their HD channels to over 150 by the end of 2008. The HD expansion's more of a rollout than an explosion, initially doubled to 60+ on a "market-by-market" basis, at least some of those being sports channels. On the HD VOD… » 11/01/07 6:00pm 11/01/07 6:00pm

FiOS TV Getting an Upgrade; Here's a Sneak Peek

Now we're really jealous of the lucky ones who already have FiOS TV, Verizon's fiber optic-network-based cable TV replacement gets you all the HD channels you can watch, premium content and a dual-tuner DVR. Hey, sounds a lot like cable TV, doesn't it? That DVR is getting a lot more sophisticated, and Zatz Not Funny's… » 10/15/07 11:45am 10/15/07 11:45am

Verizon Hit With Lawsuit Hammer for Overstating FiOS TV Subscribers

It seems the FiOS TV subscriber numbers in the NYC region haven't quite hit what Verizon has hoped—or has even said. An ad company's suing Verizon for publishing allegedly inflated numbers of FiOS TV subscribers that lump in "pending" customers with current subscribers, allowing it to boost ad rates. » 10/04/07 3:50pm 10/04/07 3:50pm