Capsule Fire Extinguisher Concept Arms You With Flame-Tamping Grenades

This rugged fire-extinguisher concept contains both an oxygen supply to help you breathe and exploding powder pellets that you roll, grenade-like, into a fire to put it out at a distance. We're slightly worried at the idea of having an oxygen tank near lots of flames, but hey ho, it's great that designer Woo Seok Park… »1/28/08 8:50am1/28/08 8:50am

Jet-powered Fire Extinguisher Douses Fires in Seconds

A team of Hungarian engineers have created the ultimate fire extinguisher. They've removed the gun turrets from an old Russian tank, replaced them with 2 turbines from a MiG-21 fighter jet, and injected the whole thing with gallons of water. The result is the first ever jet-powered fire extinguisher. Though it'd be… »11/17/06 11:45am11/17/06 11:45am