Wine Bottle Fire Extinguishers Hide In Plain Sight On Your Counter

A fire extinguisher is only as useful as you're able to easily find it in an emergency. And being stashed under the kitchen sink means there's the risk it's not only hard to access, but might need recharging as well. So Greg Mockett created a camouflaged fire extinguisher shaped like a bottle that can be left on your… »12/05/14 12:13pm12/05/14 12:13pm


X Sting Wish Fire Extinguisher Turns Firefighting Into a Shoot Out

When everyday devices become autonomous and start mating in the far future thanks to nanotechnology, items like fire extinguishers will become what designer Adam Scott has envisioned with the X Sting Wish. Mixing one part Dustbuster, one part machine gun, and a final part carbon fiber-wrapped fire extinguisher, Scott… »10/05/08 4:00pm10/05/08 4:00pm