Extinguish Fires Without Extinguishing Your Electronics

HalGuard's slick-looking fire extinguishers were originally developed for auto-racing. The "clean", electrically non-conductive cleaning agent they use, called Halotron 1, is perfect for not destroying wiring and electronics. It quickly transforms into a gas, leaving no icky residue after use. » 11/08/10 11:00pm 11/08/10 11:00pm

Happy Landing Zipline Rescues You (And Child) From Exploding Buildings

The picture is funny, but the invention is actually legitimately neat. The Alongo Happy Landing Escaper is a wire system that mounts to an emergency exit or beefy window frame, deploys mechanically (without a need for electricity) and allows riders up to 400 pounds to slowly descend from a high rise building safely… » 9/25/08 2:00pm 9/25/08 2:00pm