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TSA Seizes Tiny Toy Gun From Stuffed Monkey, Threatens to Call Cops

Thanks to the ever-diligent men and women of the United States Transportation Security Administration, we can all rest a little bit easier tonight. Yesterday at approximately 17:00 hours, a one Mr. Rooster Monkburn was successfully disarmed when a TSA agent confiscated the monkey sock puppet's two-inch, vaguely… » 12/09/13 3:00pm 12/09/13 3:00pm

The Duck's Foot Pistol Put a Firing Squad in the Palm of Your Hand

Flintlock pistols may have been super effective against single opponents because, as Boris the Bullet Dodger once said, "If it doesn't work you can always hit them with it." Against groups, however, they were comically useless—that is, until enterprising gunsmiths added some extra barrels. » 9/10/12 5:20pm 9/10/12 5:20pm

The DoubleGlock Machine Pistol: Big Big Bang Bang

Presenting the most ridiculous firearm I've ever seen: a two-headed monster that takes two fully automatic Glock 18 pistols, connects their tops so that both guns are pointed sideways, and finishes off with a scope for good measure. That's all the details we have for the Doppelglock at the moment, although who needs… » 3/07/11 8:40pm 3/07/11 8:40pm

NYPD Sharp Shooters May Get Cameras on their Guns

Officers of the NYPD may be forced to carry cameras on their guns, if a Brooklyn senator gets his way. Following a spate of controversial shootings, democrat Eric Adams—a former cop himself—has proposed the addition of a $700 gadget, insisting that it will improve public confidence in the police force. Before being… » 5/14/08 6:20am 5/14/08 6:20am

Gun Hidden in a Knife: It's Two, Two, Two Kills In One

Just what we need: more weapons and even better, increasingly innovative ways to murder and maim each other. With this G.R.A.D. $699 .22-caliber gun disguised as a knife, you can pull the trigger on the handle, filling someone with five holes and then cut them up into little pieces, or vice-versa. Check out the video… » 12/05/06 3:46pm 12/05/06 3:46pm