Firefox Claims World Download Record (No One Disputes It)

Mazel tov, Mozilla, for claiming the Guinness world record for most downloaded software in a 24-hour period after 8 million of your minions snagged Firefox 3 on launch day. It's not that big of a feat considering you took the record from absolutely no one, but you sure set the bar pretty high for anyone planning on… »7/03/08 10:30am7/03/08 10:30am

Microsoft Mistakes Browser War for Browser Party, Sends Firefox a Lovely Cake

Just like they did when Firefox 2 dropped, Microsoft has sent the guys over at Mozilla a congratulatory cake. The nerd food was delivered in person and was graciously accepted by the Firefox crew, who managed to hold back snide remarks about the cake's standard compliance and proprietary recipe long enough to take a… »6/17/08 8:40pm6/17/08 8:40pm

Mozilla Shooting for Download World Record With Firefox 3

Sure, Firefox 3 is the bee's knees (and has been since Beta 3), but will it go down in history books? It will if it sets a world record! Mozilla's taking the quick and easy path to everlasting glory (until someone beats it anyway) by planning to set the world record for most software downloads in 24 hours on Firefox… »5/29/08 2:40pm5/29/08 2:40pm