Download Firefox 3.6 Sorta Beta Now

The first release candidate of Firefox 3.6 beta 1's out, if you're adventurous. It's a test build of the beta, if you will. What do you get? Tab previews when switching (you have to enable them), taskbar thumbnail previews in Windows 7, more speed, and a mild feeling of superiority. All of the usual "it'll probably… » 10/15/09 1:11pm 10/15/09 1:11pm

Firefox 3.6 Will Speak Fluent Accelerometer

MacBooks and Thinkpads already have all the hardware they need to know which way they're tilting, but most software doesn't even bother to ask. Now, with the orientation-aware Firefox 3.6, your accelerometers might finally get some exercise. » 10/13/09 3:05pm 10/13/09 3:05pm