Firefox Mobile 1.0 Burrows Onto Nokia N900s

Firefox Mobile crawled into its first pockets last night, going live on Maemo5. The mobile version retains the full awesomeness of the Awesome Bar and includes WeaveSync for keeping tabs, passwords, and bookmarks straight across desktop and mobile versions. » 1/30/10 12:11pm 1/30/10 12:11pm

Firefox Mobile Pre-Alpha Now Available for VGA Windows Mobile Phones

Just as Mozilla's developer wiki cryptically promised last week, a pre-alpha build of Firefox Mobile 'Fennec' has been made available for the HTC Touch Pro, though it'll work on many other VGA (480x640) WinMo phones. » 2/11/09 6:11am 2/11/09 6:11am

Firefox Mobile Coming to Symbian in April

Firefox Mobile, already on Windows Mobile and Linux, is coming to Symbian in April, reveals Firefox's Christian Sejersen. Totally out of the picture are BlackBerry, iPhone and Android, unfortunately. [Christian Sejersen via UnwiredView] » 12/16/08 8:45am 12/16/08 8:45am

Firefox Mobile Won't Be Foxing Up Android Anytime Soon

Often, when people carp about Mobile Firefox or Opera not being able to run on the iPhone 'cause of Apple's SDK restrictions » 11/10/08 10:30am 11/10/08 10:30am, they'll point to Android and say "I can't wait for Mobile Firefox on Android" or some variation of that, since Android theoretically doesn't have any limitations. I've got some bad news for those …

Download First Firefox Mobile Alpha Release

The first Firefox Mobile alpha—codenamed fennec, after the fox—is up for download, as promised a few weeks ago. Currently, the only actual mobile thing it runs on is Nokia's N810 tablet, but you can play with it on Windows, OS X or Linux. Since we saw the Windows Mobile version over the weekend, it'll probably follow… » 10/17/08 5:40pm 10/17/08 5:40pm

First Screens of Firefox Mobile Surface with Few Surprises, No Release …

Early October saw Mozilla CEO John Lilly claiming Firefox Mobile » 10/12/08 2:00pm 10/12/08 2:00pm would be available in a few weeks. That's still the case today, but one additional bit of info we can deliver to you are some of the first screen shots of the browser to hit the net. According to the Unwired, these screens are of Firefox Mobile running…

Firefox Mobile Alpha Version Coming to Nokia N810 Tablet Next Week

Fans of Nokia's open-source internet tablets will be the first to take Firefox Mobile for a spin, reports PC Advisor » 10/10/08 11:30am 10/10/08 11:30am, with an alpha release coming as early as next week (confirming what we saw ). The choice of the Linux-based N810 makes sense for the first dry run, as its hardware and open development platform already …

Mozilla CEO: First Firefox Mobile Alpha Release "In a Few Weeks"

When we saw Firefox Mobile in action a few months ago » 10/06/08 3:00pm 10/06/08 3:00pm, it looked pretty snazzy, but we were a bit concerned by a few reports floating around that it might be a long wait to actually get our hands on it. Happily, that's not the case. Mozilla CEO John Lilly says that we'll see the first Firefox Mobile alpha releases "in…

Firefox Mobile Video Proves It Actually Exists

Whoa—Aza Raskin, Mozilla's Head of User Experience, just put out a video showing off some of the features they've been working on for Firefox Mobile. Though it's still in the early stages, some of the features like the navigation buttons on the sides of the pages, browser actions on the footer, search bar functions… » 6/11/08 10:24pm 6/11/08 10:24pm